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Microsoft Script Explorer Repository SDK and Reference Implementation(s)


Microsoft Script Explorer for Windows PowerShell (Script Explorer) allows users to search for scripts in local and online script repositories such as the TechNet Script Center and PoshCode. Available scripts returned by searching are organized by category, and you can also search for scripts from local and trusted community repositories by applying filters based on focus areas . Search results return code samples, information about script usage, and articles about the scripts. When you find the scripts you need, you can save the scripts for later use.

Script Explorer also allows you to search for how-to information across a variety of sites,such as the TechNet Wiki, to help you get started with Windows PowerShell.

Getting started

You can download the latest version of Microsoft Script Explorer from the Microsoft Download Center.

Script Explorer modes

You can launch Script Explorer:
1. As a standalone application from the desktop.
2. From the Windows PowerShell ISE as an add-on.

Script Explorer SDK

The Script Explorer platform exposes a set of interfaces through an SDK which allows you to develop your own application, or add more features to the existing Script Explorer application as described in more detail in the SDK reference document . The Script Explorer product group developed reference implementations (RIs) to demonstrate how to develop custom providers using the SDK., as well as a set of design decisions that should be considered when developing custom providers using the SDK. These design decisions should be only treated as guidance and not as rules. The design decisions you make should be based solely on your needs.

Note The RIs are not complete and should be thoroughly tested before using. The RIs were developed for demonstration purposes only. You can use the code provided to either develop similar providers or extend the functionality of the RIs.

Database provider reference implementation

Providers are responsible for searching entities and optionally saving them to specific storage. Script Explorer provides an SDK to add new providers, which are anything users can use to search for scripts and store them for reuse at a later time. When you create a new provider, it displays as one of the available Script Repositories in Script Explorer. A Reference Implementation Visual Studio solution that creates a database provider is part of the download.

Google provider reference implementation

The purpose of Google provider is to demonstrate how to leverage any search engine repository in addition to the supplied Bing search engine repository for searching PowerShell scripts and other resources. The Google provider uses the Google Custom Search Engine (Google CSE) for finding PowerShell scripts. This provider also illustrates how you can use the Task Parallel Library to support asynchronous searches through the new IAsyncSearchProvider interface.

Support contacts

For more information about Script Explorer, go to the Support Forum

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